Updates and 3 new decks
okay all dicks are update and now i need members to help me by donating photos for new decks. We also need new members. So please help us out but telling others about us. ^_^

New decks.

pick one card pre deck. ^^
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Posted on 21 Jul 2021 by SalyaDarken
Working on things
Hey peeps. Just letting you know that I'm working on getting all of the cards updated with a new temp that Kayori and Aki helped me with.

Also we got our own forum, so I'll be working on it as well.
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Posted on 15 Jul 2021 by SalyaDarken
New games and members
I added a few new games and changed the games around. There is no daily games for now but new weekly games. Which you can play once every 7 days. If you know of any other kind of games you wish to be added, let me know. I am willing to host any kind of game that works for us. They can be final fantasy theme or other kind of theme. Just let me know in email or discord.

New Members: Schnegge and StephJ.... welcome.

When we finally open, I will post updates... weekly or monthly on a Saturday.
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Posted on 06 Jul 2021 by SalyaDarken

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